Our Standard

We handcraft our blouses in San Francisco from some of the finest materials in the world.


We’ve partnered with one of the finest silk mills in the world to ensure that our fabric quality is best in class.  Our mill is based in Asia and ships around the globe, partnering with some of the top fashion houses in the industry. 

What makes some silk better than others? The difference is in the quality of the fibers, the uniformity of the weaving, and the overall strength of the fabric.  The silk’s weight and whether there is a finishing treatment, like a wash, also affects the look and feel of the fabric.  If you've ever worn a blouse made from a lower grade silk, the difference is obvious. Premium silk just looks and feels better.  With fine silk, the hand-feel is buttery, the drape is impeccable, and the finished garment, once created, is exceptional.



Every color and pattern that you see is exclusively ours.  We spend months developing our unique color palette and print direction, and then after careful sampling and scrutiny pass it to our silk mill to be created. From scratch.  You won’t find these fabrics anywhere else.



And how about those buttons?  We never use plastic.  We never use molds.  Our buttons are 100% real shell, giving each button its unique, luminous finish.  Real shell means tiny differences in color, shape, and size in every button.  Like a snowflake, no two buttons are the same.



It took months of research and sampling to find a manufacturer that shared our passion for fine craftsmanship. Our manufacturing partners are based in San Francisco and have been in the industry for over twenty years.  All sewing isn’t equal, and the delicate, slippery nature of silk poses a particular sewing challenge.  At BONMOT, we like French seams and gorgeous button holes.  We encourage you to take a close look at our products -- check out a seam or a buttonhole, or better yet, turn our blouse inside out.  You'll see that every detail is painstakingly cared for, whether you see it from the outside or not.